Document a Day: “We Need to Take a Deep Breath”

This remarkable email chain is from April 14, 2003. The original message, from a military interrogator in Iraq to all concerned (ALCON), announces “The gloves are coming off gentlemen regarding these detainees, [redacted] has made clear it wants these individuals broken,” and asks for “wish lists” of interrogation techniques. Someone forwards this message, commenting simply, “Sounds crazy, but we’re passing this on.”

Document a Day: Tortured to Death

In October, 2002, the lead lawyer for the CIA's Counterterrorism Center told U.S. military personnel at Guantánamo that the laws banning torture are “vaguely written” and that torture is “subject to perception.” Notes from that meeting quote Jonathan Fredman as saying, “If the detainee dies, you're doing it wrong.”

Document a Day: Abuse as Standard Operating Procedure

Document a Day: The “Gun and Drill” Incident

Document a Day: Early Reports of Abuse

Coming in June: A Document a Day

Throughout June, we'll be observing Torture Awareness Month by posting a Document a Day here on The Torture Report Diary.

'We Cannot Sweep These Allegations Under the Carpet'

From London now comes news that incoming Foreign Secretary William Hague will order an official investigation into whether British intelligence agents were complicit in Binyam Mohamed’s torture.

Australia, Too, Moves Toward Accountability

England isn’t alone in rejecting attempts to suppress the record of its government’s complicity in torture. A few months ago, an appeals court in Australia likewise opened the way to a public airing of the involvement of Australian intelligence services in the rendition and torture of one of its citizens.

Secrecy Loses Again in the U.K.

This week Binyam Mohamed moved another step closer to a public reckoning for his ordeal when a British appeals court ruled the government cannot rely on secret evidence to defend itself in a damages suit brought by Mohamed and five other U.K.-based former Guantánamo detainees.

More Torture Schemes

It's becoming clearer by the week that the scheme described in Chapter 4 was not unique.

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