Old Claims, New “Understandings”

Early this month we learned that even the U.S. government has abandoned its claim that Abu Zubaydah was a top al Qaeda conspirator. In a recently declassified document filed in Abu Zubaydah's habeas corpus proceedings, the U.S. now says that “individual Government agents have disagreed with past Government assessments and analyses” and that its “understanding of [Abu Zubaydah's] activities has evolved since his capture.”

The Conclusion of Chapter 4, “A Ponzi Scheme of Torture”

Today we post the conclusion of “A Ponzi Scheme of Torture,” a chapter which pieces together the interconnected, serial tortures of Abu Zubaydah, Binyam Mohamed, and Jose Padilla.

On Guantánamo Lawyers

Further Lessons in Transparency and Accountability

The opinion the U.K. Court of Appeals handed down last month ordering the release of the seven paragraphs corroborating Binyam Mohamed's account of his treatment in Pakistan contained this paragraph:

Transnational Justice and the Binyam Mohamed Case

New Information on “Mock Burials”

Marcy Wheeler has found confirmation in the OPR Report that the CIA originally sought to include “mock burials” in its arsenal of approved Enhanced Interrogation Techniques.

A New Installment, and an Outrageous Lie

Today we post the first part of “The Story Unravels,” the epilogue to Chapter 4's “Ponzi Scheme of Torture.” This first section follows Jose Padilla's case as it made its way through the courts; the final part, which we will publish next week, takes a similar look at the Binyam Mohamed and Abu Zubaydah cases.

What Was, and Is, at Stake

The opinion of the UK Court of Appeal ordering the British government to release the seven previously secret paragraphs is particularly vivid in laying out what has been at stake in Binyam Mohamed's lawsuit in the UK.

Seven Secret Paragraphs Released

More on accountability…in the UK:

Binyam Mohamed and the Search for Accountability

One of the interesting aspects of Binyam Mohamed's case, which is at the center of the story of Chapter 4, is that it provides a measure of how poorly the U.S. is performing on the question of accountability.

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