What’s In Those Cables?

Next week I'll be adding a section to the Report about the interrogation of Abu Zubaydah at a CIA black site.

It is the videotapes of this interrogation that the CIA destroyed in November 2005. Earlier this week, in a hearing in a contempt case arising out of the destruction of those tapes , the ACLU pressed again for the release of 580 documents that describe what they portrayed – the vast majority of which are cables sent from the black site to CIA headquarters, sometimes as many as 9 in one day, from April to November of 2002.

I've had a list of these documents in front of me as I've been working through this chapter. With so much now documented about the treatment of Abu Zubaydah, it's chilling to stare at this list and try to imagine what else these documents that the CIA still refuses to release – and the tapes no one will ever see – might reveal.

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